Spying on Democracy book

SpyingonDemocracy.com exists to demystify the mass surveillance state and to help you safeguard your privacy.

I am a New York attorney, activist and radio host who wrote Spying on Democracy, a book on corporate and government spying, just before Edward Snowden's revelations became public.

I hope you will take active steps to counter the increasingly intrusive corporate and government control over our information. Whether you support some of the organizations listed under “Take Action” on this site, or read up on how others are working to stave off the cyber-surveillance state, change begins by envisioning a more just society together.

“Everyone of us is under the omniscient magnifying glass of the government and corporate spies... How do we respond to this smog of surveillance?

Start by reading “Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power, and Public Resistance” by Heidi Boghosian”

Bill Moyers