Heidi Boghosian

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What I care about

In addition to radio hosting and running a nonprofit, I am interested in government prosecutions of hackers and activists. I write amicus (“friend of the court”) briefs for cases that symbolize governmental disdain for these and other issues. When animal rights activists ran a website sharing protest information, they were prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws. Outdated computer laws were used to prosecute smart and altruistic persons like Jeremy Hammond, Ross Ulbricht, and Barrett Brown. I like to raise awareness of cases like these and urge reforming ill-advised practices and laws.

I also love community newspapers as an alternative to corporate media conglomerates. In the late 1980s I edited the East Villager newspaper. At the time, Guardian Angels patrolled the streets, squatters and urban gardeners started urban recycling centers, and small art galleries and family-owned businesses populated storefronts. I’m on the board of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, a unique space (in a squat on Avenue C in Manhattan) that preserves some of this history.